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Celtic Spirituality


Our worship is Celtic-influenced, anchored in our own tradition yet designed to be a fresh expression of ancient truths.  Celtic Christianity senses the call of God’s presence in all Creation, and this awareness is celebrated in every liturgy.

Anam Cara 

Anam Cara ['soul friend'] is a Celtic Christian community within the Episcopal church that explores the world’s spiritual traditions, in order to deepen our understanding and broaden our practice.  Our programming is on hiatus at this time.

Help support our efforts to soul-befriend the world — both within the walls of the church and without.

Anam Cara  • Fairfield, CT

A shared mission of St. Timothy's on the Hill and St. Paul's Episcopal Church.


St. Paul’s and St. Timothy’s offer  first rate rental facilities for retreats and meetings. Both churches have large parish halls, inviting kitchen spaces, labyrinths to walk, and beautiful sanctuaries.  Contact St. Timothy's or St. Pauls directly to inquire further about retreat or meeting possibilities. 

Join our community!


We offer classes, workshops and seminars, inviting attendees to explore Christ consciousness and the presence of God within and all around.  We practice living more communally, mindfully, peacefully and  joyfully— both inside and outside the walls of the church.